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What kinds of diseases or health problems may Chinese acupuncture treat or help?

People often seek acupuncture for different types of diseases and health problems, like:

Acute and chronic lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, cervical and thoracic spine dysfunction, frozen shoulder, OOS, Headaches, migraines and various kinds of sports injuries may also be helped with acupuncture and Chinese medicine - a combination that has proved to be effective. And acupuncture plays a big role in improving the quality of life in late-stage Cancer.

The acupuncturist may supplement the needle treatment with moxa, a smouldering herb which is used to warm acupuncture points to encourage the body's energy to flow smoothly. Other methods of stimulating acupuncture points include using infrared heating, electro-stimulating and light acupuncture.

The thing most important is: Find a good acupuncture clinic or an acupuncturist in Auckland city

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Traditional health arts from China

Traditional Chinese Medicine mainly comprises of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and it’s own diagnostic methods in a unique system that has proved effective for more than three thousand years. Acupuncture is an ancient form of natural therapy, it is a means of harmonising the flow of life energy in the body and its effectiveness is now widely accepted in various countries including New Zealand. Traditional Chinese acupuncture aims at treating the person, along with the disease. This means that the acupuncturist looks at the patient as a whole, finds the cause of the illness and the imbalance in the body causing it. With its unique system of diagnosis, an acupuncturist will ask not only details of the immediate problem, but also take a precise history of past illnesses, familial tendencies, and aim to determine a complete picture of the patients health. In this way acupuncture has always been used as a preventative medicine and can bring positive benefits to almost any illness.

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