We use acupuncture treatment to help people overcome insomnia successfully for years in Auckland city

Insomnia is caused mainly by stress. Acupuncture is known to calm down the system. It is a therapeutic practice which allows the body to rest and heal. Using acupuncture you can slow down the heart rate and increase and improve blood circulation. As the body relaxes, stress and anxiety melt away, allowing you to sleep and rest once again.

Acupuncture helps you regain your natural sleeping habit. There is no fear of addiction or side effects that accompany pharmaceutical solutions. Be sure to seek out a trained professional acupuncturist while undertaking this form of treatment. For the best effect, you may try to combine acupuncture therapy with Chinese herbal medicine, physical exercise and a healthy diet plan.

A good night’s sleep can solve many problems. If you struggle to sleep, that could be a disaster! Insomnia is a common condition in which people have difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep. There are many possible causes for insomnia; it could be a result of anxiety and emotional duress or it might indicate an underlying medical condition or hormonal imbalances. Insomnia has a negative impact on health and plays havoc with the system. It results in fatigue, irritability, disorientation, etc. In chronic cases it even leads to short term memory loss. It is listed by the World Health Organization as a condition which has been shown to be treated very effectively by acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture involves inserting and manipulating very thin needles at strategic points along the body. This is done in order to stimulate the energy, unlock it and heal the body in the process. Acupuncture actually treats the person, not the disease, helps to balance the body's energy, strengthening weak areas and moving energy where it's stuck.

For some patients who suffer insomnia may be treated more effectively by herbal medicine depends on the patient's condition.